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At 11:30 p.m. on October 4th, Beijing time, the fourth round of the Premier League’s focus game started at Old Trafford. Manchester United played at home against Tottenham. In the opening 30 seconds,亚搏彩票app官网登陆 Manchester United won a penalty and was taken by B Fee. The hit took the lead, and then Tottenham scored twice with Sun Xingmin and Harry Kane. Ndongbele and Oliye scored a goal each. They staged a crazy reversal and gave Manchester United 6 goals at home in the Premier League after 9 years. The big tragedy.

晚上11:30北京时间10月4日,英超联赛焦点比赛的第四轮比赛在老特拉福德举行。曼联主场对阵热刺。在开始的30秒中,曼联赢得点球并被B Fee抓住。命中率先领先,然后托特纳姆热刺与孙兴民和哈里·凯恩共进两球。 Ndongbele和Oliye各自进球。他们进行了一次疯狂的逆转,并在9年后的英超联赛中主场给曼联6个进球。大悲剧。

In the first 3 rounds of the Premier League, Manchester United defeated Brighton 3-2 in the away game and won the first league match of the season after losing at home in the opening game. It ranked 15th in the short game with 3 points, and Tottenham also lost in the opening game. After that, he won an unbeaten record of 5 wins and 1 tie in all competitio亚搏彩票app官网登陆ns, including 1 win and 1 tie in the Premier League, ranking 12th with 4 points.


In terms of personnel, compared with the 11 starting players who drew at Newcastle 1-1 at home in the last round of the league, Mourinho made a multi-player adjustment. Auriye and Reggie, who ushered in the Premier League debut, replaced Doherty and Ben Day respectively. Weiss separates the left and right fullbacks. The center-back partners continue to be Dale and Davinson Sanchez. In the midfield, Sissoko and Ndongbele return to the starting lineup, partnering with Huyber, striker Sun Xingmin returns from injury, and Kai En and Lamela form a trident.

在人员方面,与联赛最后一轮主场1-1在纽卡斯尔的11名首发球员相比,穆里尼奥进行了多人调整。迎来英超联赛首秀的Auriye和Reggie分别取代了Doherty和Ben Day。魏斯将左右后卫分开。中后卫的合作伙伴继续是Dale和Davinson Sanchez。在中场,Sissoko和Ndongbele返回首发阵容,与Huyber搭档,前锋Sun Xingmin受伤退出,Kai En和Lamela组成三叉戟。

For Manchester United, compared to the starting lineup that beat Brighton 3-2 in the last round, only one adjustment was made. Bailey replaced Lindelof and Maguire to partner with double central defenders, Pogba and Matic partnered. The midfielder, the frontcourt offensive four-man team is still Bruno Fernandez, Greenwood, Rashford and Martial.


There was a penalty kick in just 30 seconds of the opening. Martial received a B Fee pass in the penalty area and Davinson Sanchez tripped from behind. The referee Anthony Taylor decisively awarded a penalty kick.


Bruno Fernandez made a free throw to help Manchester United get a 1-0 lead. The opening minute and 37 seconds was the fastest penalty goal in the Premier League in the past five years.


In less than 2 minutes, Tottenham quickly equalized the score. Tottenham threw the ball out of bounds. Pogba provoked the ball. Maguire's header was placed on Bailey's head in the penalty area. Then the two consecutive headers The relay failed to handle cleanly, Ndongbele followed up in the middle and blasted the goal.

在不到2分钟的时间内,热刺迅速将比分扳平。托特纳姆热刺将球踢出界外。波格巴挑起了皮球。 Maguire的头球在禁区中的Bailey头上。然后两个连续的头球接力未能清晰处理,Ndongbele在中间跟进并射门得分。

In the 7th minute, Tottenham quickly overtook the score. Kane made a free kick in the frontcourt and quickly sent a free kick to find Sun Xingmin, who broke into the penalty area to face the attacking De Gea from a small angle and shot the far corner.


In the 28th minute, there was a controversial penalty on the court. Martial retaliated against Lamela when defending a set kick in the penalty area. Referee Anthony Taylor decisively showed Martial a red card to send him off. According to statistics, this is the 16th red card in the history of Manchester United at home in the Premier League, and Martial's red card in 28 minutes of the first half is the fastest among them.


In the 30th minute, Tottenham played one more man to expand the lead. Bailey made a mistake in the penalty area and was interrupted. Sun Xingmin made a return pass from the left side of the penalty area. Kane followed up and scored. Kane and Sun Xingmin passed each other's goals and made achievements. So far, the two have scored 26 goals in the Premier League, becoming the fifth-most scored double group in the Premier League.

在第30分钟,托特纳姆热刺队再添一人扩大领先优势。 Bailey在罚球区犯了一个错误,被打断。孙兴民从禁区左侧左传。凯恩(Kane)跟进并得分。凯恩和孙兴民通过了彼此的目标并取得了成就。到目前为止,两人已经在英超联赛中攻入26球,成为英超联赛得分最高的第五组。

In the 37th minute, Tottenham extended the score to 4-1. Aurie sent a cross near the bottom line on the right side. The ball passed through Maguire’s crotch. Sun Xingmin grabbed a shot in front of the goal and scored through the crotch against De Gea. , To complete a brace.

在第37分钟,热刺将比分扩大到4-1。 Aurie在右侧底线附近发了一个十字架。球穿过了马奎尔的裤passed。孙兴民在球门前抓住一记射门,打入了aga亚搏彩票app官网登陆inst脚的德吉亚。 ,完成大括号。

After the first half, Tottenham led Manchester United 4-1 away. This is the first time Manchester United has conceded 4 goals in the first half of the top league since 1990.


In terms of technical statistics, Tottenham had a slight advantage in possession of the ball, shooting 13 shots, 5 of which were on goal and 4 goals, while Manchester United made 4 shots and 2 of them were on goal.


In the second half, the two sides changed sides to fight again. Both sides made substitution adjustments before the opening. For Manchester United, Matic and Bruno Fernandez were replaced, McTominay and Fred came on the bench. Tottenham used Lucas Jr. Change Lamela.


In the 51st minute, Tottenham expanded the score to 5-1. Lucas Jr. just came off the bench to do it. Heibel sent a straight pass, and Olier hit the right side of the penalty area and broke the goal.

在第51分钟,热刺将比分扩大到5-1。小卢卡斯(Lucas Jr.)刚从替补席上走了出来。海贝尔(Heibel)送出一记直传,奥利尔(Olier)射中禁区右侧并破门。

In the 79th minute, Tottenham took advantage of the penalty kick to make another move. Ben Davis broke into the penalty area with the ball from the left and knocked Wan-Bissaka. Pogba tripped and fell to the ground with a shovel. The referee Anthony -Taylor again awarded a penalty kick.

在第79分钟,热刺利用点球机会采取了进一步行动。本·戴维斯(Ben Davis)左路带球闯入禁区,并将万-比萨卡(Wan-Bissaka)撞倒。波格巴绊倒了,用铁锹掉到了地上。裁判安东尼-泰勒再次判罚点球。

Harry Kane made a penalty kick and scored twice.


At the end of the game, Manchester United lost 1-6 at home to Tottenham. After a lapse of 9 years, they experienced another 6-goal tragedy at home in the Premier League. The last time was a 1-6 home loss to Manchester City in 2011.